dunamis14S Study Abroad Consultants is nearly a year-old venture set-up by a group of dedicated professionals who are passionate about fostering quality global education. Having extensive experience in the field of education, the core team has always been in the forefront in assisting students for getting enrolled into their desired educational institutions worldwide.
dv2Swiss Medicare Ltd is a trans-national organisation with offices in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. They are in the business of distributing vaccines & probiotics for the veterinary industry & research reagents for hospitals & R&D centres. Constantly expanding, the team has recently developed operations in the UK. Their offerings catalogue now holds over 8000 ex-stock products.

dv7DNM Fashion Ltd is a London based white-label buying house which is in the business of designing and procuring high-end fashion apparel for brands such as Zara, Mango, New Look, etc. The core team consists of fashion designers having expertise in fabric and garment design with years of industry experience. The company has its own supply line based in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

g3712Fabogo is a glam-tech startup for beauty and wellness services that creates a great experience for users to discover spas, salons and more in their vicinity as well as empowers the business owners to engage effectively with their customers. Fabogo aims to be the world’s leading online engagement platform for the Personal Grooming Industry, working to bring salon & spa owners and their target market segment closer to each other and providing them the tools to interactively engage with each other.

dv3Vivid Drinks is a London based healthy-drink brand which has created a niche space for itself in the European markets. Their leading range of matcha green tea products use only premium organic matcha with natural caffeine and l-theanine to provide a sustained natural energy boost.

is a London based data analysis/mining startup which deals with managing large data for clientele. Run by an enthusiastic team of data scientists, Pivigo specializes in managing and processing massive data from companies in various disciplines to procure insights and valuable information for their clients.